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Friday , August 18 2017
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Government Informant Blows Whistle On “Operation Kaleidoscope 16!”

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“What no one understands is that Operation Jade Helm was a huge success,” our informant begins. “Anyone who was concerned was written off as a “conspiracy theorist,” and is believed to have been proven wrong. They were the ones who were right,” the informant continues. “It’s those who didn’t listen who will never know the difference between fact and fiction again…”

The online Watchdog group Operation Jade Helm And Beyond received a very interesting message a couple of weeks ago. After following up with the informant, who agreed to an interview but wished to remain anonymous, the group can report that Operation Jade Helm, which took place in the Southern U.S. between September 15 and October 1 of 2015 was a huge success.

“It was all about perception,” the informant said. “Jade Helm ops did work their way through the communities, acting as strangers, mail carriers, delivery people and even homeless people. They gathered intel on people who’ve been on secret lists for years. Conservatives, veterans, people who have been convicted of felonies and who are NOT supposed to have guns, but as it was found, still do. Entire groups of Jade Helm Ops posed as National Guard units. The Government’s goal was to see who would see it as Jade Helm and who would write it off as a Guard unit. The overwhelming majority thought nothing of the operatives- saw them as nothing more than a guard unit. Only three percent of the people accepted the facts as they were.

“The last two weeks of the exercise were perhaps the most damaging. This is when real homeless people were rounded up and shipped to FEMA camps for God knows what purpose. The lists were narrowed down, so that those remaining on them are considered the biggest homegrown threats. These are middle class people- professionals- the men and women at your church and whose kids go to schools with yours.”

Our informant then told us about the next phase of the mass operation, something he referred to as “Operation Kaleidoscope.”

“This is the perception part,” he began. “It got it’s name from the tubes you look through with all the broken, colored glass. You stare at one object, but you see a thousand different things. It’s the goal of the Government, through this operation, to make it to where there can be hundreds of witnesses to a single, catastrophic event, and all of those witnesses will have a different story as to what happened, and though the stories will all vary, everyone will believe their version of the events.”

The informant claimed the Government will achieve this objective through mass mind control experiments, including but not limited to chem trails, television commercials and shows, GMO’s in the food and water supply, and scare tactics from Government and law enforcement officials.

The informant claims that the number one goal is to “disarm law abiding citizens.” “There will be a record number of mass gun attacks in the U.S. next year,” he said. “The goal is to divide the people. There will be blacks committing the crimes against whites- Muslims against Christians, as we saw in Oregon. Whites against blacks, like we saw with Dillon Roof in South Carolina. The main, underlying objective is to keep the people of the United States divided based upon religion and race, socio-economic status. All in an attempt to take away the second amendment, and keep people divided while doing so. It will work, because no one will realize it’s Big Government who is the enemy. They’ll see people who don’t look like them or worship like them as the enemy. They will, in time, voluntarily give up their rights for an artificial sense of security. You have got to help me get word out on this so that everyone knows the truth. You need to know before the catastrophic events begin happening. January 2016 is going to be a very eventful month!

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