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Tuesday , September 19 2017
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Guess How Former Subway Spokesman Jared Fogle Is Getting Treated In Prison?

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Back in December, former Subway Spokesman Jared Fogle was transferred to a medium security prison in Colorado. In February, 2016, he appealed his sentence of 15 years for possession of child pornography and for traveling across state lines to have sex with minors.

Many people would agree that Fogle has entered prison as a ‘marked man,’ and anticipate a life consisting of regular beat-downs, and perhaps, his death at the hands of other inmates who view child molesters as the lowest of the low. However, a recent interview with several former prisoners shows that Fogle may actually have quite the plush life in prison.

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(editor’s note- ‘chomo’ is a term used for child molesters)

“As far as the Subway guy goes, if he is sent to any USP [United States Penitentiary] other than Tucson, then he will be hurt or worse once he lands in there,” a prisoner we’ll call Tim who’s been inside for over two decades tells VICE. “However, things have changed for chomos in the past few years… Prisons have so many of them that they make certain prisons, such as USP Tucson and [medium-security facilities] such as Marianna, Florida, just for them. If you are not a chomo and go to there, they tell you up front, ‘If you put your hands on one, then you are getting ten more years.’ They screen everyone going to those places.”

The facilities in Tucson and Marianna have special housing units for sex offenders, and others, like FCI Forrest City, have informally become safe havens, which suggests the BOP has learned to house sex criminals with caution.

“I think the Bureau is tired of paying for all of the hospital bills and perhaps lawsuits over them getting smashed everywhere they go, so they have whole prisons of them,” Tim says.

So there you have it. Had Fogle been caught in the 90’s he probably would have quite a miserable time of it in prison. Now, however, he’ll probably be treated like royalty and only have to fear putting on all the weight he lost over the years by eating at Subway.

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