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Has Obama Removed “Under God” From The Pledge With ANOTHER Illegal Executive Order?

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Current U.S. President, B. Hussein Obama, has enacted more laws through unilateral executive action than any President in history. Many Americans, to include legal scholars, believe most of his executive actions to be illegal and unconstitutional, and most Republicans running for President, especially Texas Junior Senator Ted Cruz, are campaigning on the promise that on day one in office, they will resend every executive action Hussein Obama put into place.

Several news outlets have been reporting that Hussein Obama’s most recent, secret executive order was taken to remove “under God” from the Pledge of Allegiance. It’s no secret that Hussein Obama is a Muslim, or in the least, a Muslim sympathizer. He’s promised to bring more than 200,000 Muslim refugees into the U.S., mostly from Syria, in order to give them respite and comfort, while he continues to ignore the thousands and thousands of homeless combat veterans currently living on the streets, in cars, and under bridges in America. We somehow don’t have the funds available to house those who so valiantly fought for our great nation, but Hussein Obama has found plenty of money to care for those who have done nothing for our nation, many of whom embedded with the “refugees” no doubt wish to bring us great harm.

Socialistic website has “debunked” the claim that Hussein Obama has removed “under God” from the pledge, but Snopes has been debunked so many times themselves, they are no longer a trustworthy source, so who knows. I certainly wouldn’t put anything past Hussein Obama in his quest to destroy America.

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