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He Caught Two Women Skinny-Dipping In His Pond, So He Did THIS

skinny dipping

Ron, a farmer, had owned his own land for many years and was quite content with life. He had a beautiful, three acre pond on his property that will full of bass, brim and catfish, and he only left his property to go to the grocery store, though he did that rarely as he’d grown most of his own food for years.

One night, for no specific reason, Ron felt like walking down to his pond. He decided he’d take along a bucket with him and bring back some of the apples that were now ripening in the apple trees surrounding the pond.

When he got to the pond, he was amazed to see that two beautiful and sexy young ladies were skinny dipping in his pond. When they saw Ron, they covered their young, supple breasts, and one of them said, “we’re not coming out until you’re gone!”

Ron stuck the bucket over his head and said, “I didn’t come here to watch you girls swim naked. I came down to feed the alligators.”

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