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Here’s How Much Of YOUR Paycheck Goes To Immigrants On Welfare

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Whey wouldn’t they jump the fence, swim the river, ride through the desert in the back of a sweltering hot truck, or pursue any other method or means to enter the promised land? Hell, they get here, and it’s impossible to send them back, and they get free food, housing, education, healthcare, etc. for life!

Liberal leftists like to claim that “poor whites” are the biggest abusers of welfare in the U.S., but low and behold, here are some of those facts that liberal leftists hate to see.

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More than 50% of immigrants in the U.S. are on welfare, whereas less than 30% of native households are on welfare.

You know, these third world peasants destroy their own countries, going around shitting and pissing in the streets, throwing their garbage everywhere, having more babies than they know they can afford to eat, because their drunken males (we certainly won’t call them men) don’t have enough respect for the women of their cultures to use condoms, or withdrawal, and they come here and just start doing the same damn thing, on the tax payer’s dime.

These third world peasants need to stay in their third world countries and stop coming here to turn the U.S. into a third world country. Let’s pray Donald Trump starts building that wall on day one in office!

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