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Hillary Got So Drunk On Her Plane Last Night That She… OMG! No Way!


Any idea Crooked Hillary had about anything in her life being private is out the window! She no doubt knew this when all of her emails on her private server were subpoenaed by Congress. I mean, why else would she delete all 33,000 of them after receiving the subpoena?

Comes forth now, his majesty, WikiLeaks- to tell us all the dirty little secrets that Crooked Hillary erased, and then bleached, and then had the help of the FBI in keeping hidden.

One of the things Crooked Hillary did not want us to know, it turns out, is just how much she loves to drink. It seems she’s a full blown, raging alcoholic.

This, from The Angry Patriot:


It’s been said by people who have ridden on the plane with her that when she gets “tipsy” Crooked Hillary not only makes fun of all the “deplorables” who support Donald Trump, but that she also talks about how stupid the Democrats who will vote for her no matter what are as well.

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