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Wednesday , August 16 2017
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If THIS Third World Country Is Building A Wall Why SHOULDN’T We?

Turkey wall

Right now, millions of refugees from Syria and other parts of the Middle East are pouring into Europe. They are bringing their disgusting way of life with them, and Europeans Governments are more concerned with being labelled “racist” or “xenophobic” to do anything to stop it.

The same rings true in the U.S., where daily, thousands of illegal immigrants rush into the country, bringing criminal records, diseases, and disgusting habits with them.

Most Westerners have never had the experience of visiting a third world country. It’s not just the crimes and the hideous ideology of Islam that these people bring with them. It’s VERY common to see adult males urinating on the streets in third world countries. When people are done with their snacks, they merely drop their wrappers in the street, or on the sidewalk, or wherever else they happen to be, even if there is a trash container within sight of them. They just don’t care!

Stop signs and stop lights (and they Do have them) mean nothing, much like all other laws. To third world peasants, laws are merely recommendations; recommendations that they rarely follow, because again, they just don’t care.

What’s sad for Westerners, is that other third world country’s Governments know this and go to great lengths to keep peasants from their neighboring third world countries out. Turkey has undertaken such a strategy recently by building a wall between themselves and the Syrian city of Atmeh, which houses a Syrian refugee camp. Turkey has enough of their own problems, and they do not want to willingly take on the problems the Syrians refuse to clean up on their own.

So, the question is, if Turkey can do it, shouldn’t we? People are calling Republican Presidential front runner Donald Trump all kinds of names for his proposal to build a similar wall on our southern border with Mexico, but nothing speaks louder than the proof in the pudding, and Turkey just served the world a big, whopping spoonful of it!

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