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Illegal Immigrants Protesting U.S. Government Officials For Upholding Immigration Laws!

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Okay, this is a TRUE story! From Fox News Latino:

Pro-immigrant activists and undocumented families said Wednesday that U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement is continuing its raids and deportations, despite the promises of President Barack Obama to put an end to the separation of immigrant families.

“Obama said that they would concentrate on criminals and not on families but that’s not true,” said activist Reina Wences, with the Organized Communities Against Deportations, at a protest held outside the ICE offices in downtown Chicago.

Wences said that “ICE continues to be out in the streets” carrying out raids of homes and workplaces.

Could you imagine, you or I as Americans, illegally entering ANY other country on earth, staying there illegally, and then having the audacity of holding a protest because that country’s Government tries to boot us out?

No other country on this earth tolerates illegals in their country, period! Yet in the U.S., if you speak out against illegals, you are deemed a racist and a xenophobe!

Here’s what you can do about it.

From Consciously Enlightened:

A new Facebook page, “Deport Illegals No Amnesty” is a lot more than it appears to be. It’s more than just a place for people to unleash their fed-upness with the immigration problems in America. It’s also a place where Illegals are being reported to the Immigration Department in the U.S. one post and one phone call at a time.

“We all know about internet trolls,” the page owner told Consciously Enlightened in an interview. “They show up and say anything. However, most of them are idiots and keep their Facebook profile settings quite low. We actually seek them out on our wall and page- the ones who are dumb enough to brag about being in the U.S. illegally and brag about how hard it is to get them deported. Then we call the closest immigration office in their area and report them. We take screen shots of their admissions of their illegal status and send them via email to the department as well. We’ve not only been told that the immigration offices in their area will follow up with the report, but they have thanked us for calling them.”

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