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Lady Told Lawn Jockey Is Racist, Sets Them Straight With Her EPIC Response!

lawn jockey

The level to which Americans have become super sensitive to everything has become insane. Other countries laugh at our skin’s thinness. Now, introduce the concept of racism, and we reach even more epic proportions of sensitivity, as everyone is looking at everything as being racist in one way or another.

The image below is of a common lawn ornament that over the course of the last generation has been deemed to be racist, and this shows how much of our own history, especially black history, we’ve forgotten.

jockey 2

Sandra Dee McNair, a black woman, pictured below, has this lawn jockey in her yard. She has had several of her friends, white and black, ask her why she has it, because it’s ‘racist.’

jokey 3

McNair not only refuses to remove the jockey from her yard, but she has taken to social media to point out how not only is the jockey not ‘racist,’ but of how it represents a very important page in black history in America.

She writes:

jokey 4

jokey 5

So, just as people scream to have lawn jockeys removed, like they do with the Confederate flag, they don’t realize they’re not erasing symbols or racism, they’re erasing symbols of heritage.

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