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Lead Anti-Trump Protester’s Damning Past Exposed After She Shut Down Hwy

lead Trump protester

You know, it might be easier to take some of these Trump protesters seriously if they could make a valid point without insulting the person they’re trying to make it to, and if they weren’t radical criminals with checkered pasts.

This is the case with Jacinta Gonzales, pictured above and below, with her fool neck locked to the door of a car to stop traffic in the middle of the road that led to a Trump rally in Arizona.


It turns out, Miss Jacinta has a long history of socialistic views and a penchant for throwing herself into the middle of everyday life to disturb and disrupt the normal flow of business.

This brief bio of her, below, H/T Mad World News, shows that it’s in her blood to induce chaos, via her chosen profession of helping illegal immigrants protest the very country who has given them a better life than they’d ever know in the third world shit holes they come here from.

jacinta radical

Under the rules of the Patriot Act, what Miss Jacinta did in Arizona can be considered domestic terrorism. Let’s hope that it is.

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