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Friday , August 18 2017
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Leaked Documents Expose Disturbing Personal Info About Obama’s Daughters

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U.S. President B. Hussein Obama has served during the worst eight year economic period in the U.S. since the great depression. The period has actually been dubbed the great recession and has lasted much longer than the best economists of our time could have ever anticipated, largely due to Hussein Obama’s Government’s continual messing around with the economy, rather than just letting it be and letting the free market system work things out.

o girls 1

While only the super rich have prospered during the past 8 years of the recession, as the super rich always do during all economic times, because they simply understand finances better than we mere middle class mortals ever will, most Americans have had to make major cutbacks. However, new information has leaked showing that the Hussein Obama family did not only NOT make any cutbacks in regard to spending tax payers’ money, but that they spent an astronomical amount of money on private schools and expenses for their daughters!

o girls 2

We all knew that the First Lady, aptly nicknamed “Moochelle” due to her spendthrift ways, wasted a lot of tax payers’ money, but it now turns out that the little girls are as bad as their mom. Have a look at the numbers in the chart below.

o girls 3

In case you’re bad at math, we’ll do it for you. Over an eight year period, all of those numbers above add up to over $600,000.00!

What do you make of this? Is it perfectly okay for this much money to be spend on Hussein Obama’s daughters? I mean, after all, they have such a hard life living in the white house and travelling the world for free.

Or do you think this is yet another abuse of power, for which Hussein Obama should be thrown from office? Let us know your thoughts on our Cool To Be Conservative Facebook page by clicking on this blue sentence. 


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