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Loud Muslims Praise Allah, But GOD Intervenes & Shows Them Who’s Boss

loud muslims

There is but one true God, and one needs look no further than this story to see the proof of that!

Many people claim that God doesn’t act the way he acted during the Old Testament days during our modern times. “God is dead!” they shout from the roof tops.

Oh, not so!

Tell that to these Phoenix, Arizona Muslims, who recently felt the one true God’s wrath for worshiping their false God in a false way.

loud muslims 2

It seems that the one true God, the father of Jesus, who made a compact with Abraham, got tired of all that moaning and groaning and nonsense about beheading non-believers, so in between false worship ceremonies at the mosque, the one true God sent 20,000 killer bees to nest beside the Muslim’s loud speakers. You can no doubt guess what happened the next time they put their asses in the air and started screaming.

loud muslims 3

The Muslims were sent packing to the hospital, after multiple Muslims were stung by the killer bees. That’s what happened!

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  • Hewhowaits


  • Larry Hanson

    Big surprise. She’s one of the most bigoted and racially biased person on TV, and she makes no effort to hide her disdain for white people. She should have been fired long ago!

    • SDBANX

      You are exactly right!!! She is awful!

  • Robert Oswald Dawes

    Why not fire her and the dumb shits that hired her in the first place.

    • disqus_UyMUWABH0E

      Barbara hired her and she owns the show dumb ass

      • Dead Dog

        She still can be fired. This is what she wants, to leave the show.
        But if she quites she will lose money. If she gets fired she collects the money. This is called black entitlements.

  • Solinv311

    You don’t have a particular opinion about Whoopi do you?

  • J Ramey

    The foul mouthed, angry, uneducated people who hate Whoopi apparently are only reacting to the color of her skin. You obviously don’t know what she has actually said or the kind of person she is. She isn’t the racist, you are. And by the way, the men who founded our country were radicals, activists and liberals. They participated in all kinds of protests themselves. America stands for our right to freedom of speech and for the freedom and equality of all people, not just the ones you agree with.

    • SDBANX

      She is a pompass ass and I had no idea what a racist she was until i saw her on The View. I used to love her in movies but I don’t love her anymore. This will work out perfectly for her since she was leaving the country anyway! BYE BYE!

      • Maboso Iverson Susu

        Bullshit, she has an opinion just like everyone else. Just because you don’t agree with her doesn’t mean she’s wrong or as you call her “pompass ass” take a look at yourself before you judge anybody. You only like black peoples when we are entertaining your sorry ass but as soon as we speak our opinion we are awful and pompass ass, GTFOH….

        • David Lumin

          Just because people disagree with someone, doesn’t automatically make them a racist. Whoopi is not well respected because of her far-left liberal views. Whoopi is also not respected because of her short-temper, and quick to judge attitude.

          And before you call me a racist, I punched out a friend of mine’s father, when she called her a “n” lover because she was dating an African-American.

          My own son got slapped across the face for making a racist remark about his teacher.

          Every time someone uses the race card, it is because they have no viable argument. So don’t make yourself look ignorant by playing it.

        • Glenn Wagner

          It isnt that you speak your opinion, it is just that most of the time your opinions are racist.

      • Astraea Shaw

        Anti White means antime and I definitely do not like anyone who disrespects me or WHITE PEOPLE – who are the best people of all. WHITE PEOPLE built Western Civilisation. Toobad others are so jealous. They need to try to emulate White people instead of giving in to their raging jealousy. It must be very painful! Poor Whoopie Goldberg! She could just go to live in Africa somewhere – or Israel?

    • Solinv311

      I’m not a racist

    • Danielle Maier

      Shame on YOU for being so damn judgemental!!!

    • Russel McDonald

      “America’s founding fathers were classical liberals, meaning they favored liberty, private property, capitalism, freedom of religion, and a limited Republican style of government.”
      “Liberal” then does not mean current day liberalism. They would not be for entitlement programs for example. The American dream is acquired through hard work.



  • disqus_UyMUWABH0E

    I feel all you nay sayer can kiss Whoopi where the sun don’t shine

  • Rustyangel

    She’s an angry thing. She sits in her own tree, a master of her own kingdom. All she’ll be remembered for is a mediocre actress with a chip on her shoulder. IN which could be mistaken for her head.

  • John Rosenski

    …. does anyone still watch the view?

  • Steel Fulcher

    So, I have one question, why does an African American woman have a Jewish name? Why did she choose to go from Caryn Elaine Johnson (born November 13, 1955) to Whoopi Goldberg, and why have all her ex-husbands been White? And now, she wants to defend oppression, her people, and being a in your face racist when she turned her back on the African American’s by changing her name, what, Johnson wasn’t good enough for her? Jewish, really? Talks trash about white men and not understanding her people’s oppression, yet has three former white husbands?

  • Faye Whiddon

    Who’s gonna notice??

    • Dead Dog

      No one !

  • Garson

    Suspend her appearances but keep her on contract. Then, she can’t spew her garbage AND will hinder her ability to move on as she wants.

    • Lorna Hinkle-Carroll

      Agreed. She is vulgar.

  • Helen Ferguson

    I wish her and all the other Losers would get out of here. If they do not Like our President then LEAVE

  • arnie

    She is a despicable POS!

  • Robert Andrews

    Another ring-tail.