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Wednesday , August 16 2017
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Lt. Gen. Risks Everything To Expose Obama!

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Lt. Gen. William Mayville Jr. has put his entire, highly decorated career on the line by speaking out against the traitor in chief, Hussein Obama.

In his last year in office, Hussein Obama is doing a mad scramble to turn some of the world’s most deadly terrorist loose. He’s already freed quite a few, waiting for major world news events, such as the attacks in Paris last year, to make his announcements. You know, kind of like how a certain Senator from a certain political family waited until the news was announced that man had landed on the moon to murder his pregnant mistress by drowning her in a river?

Hussein Obama has released so many terrorists from Gitmo that there are now less than 100 of the miscreants remaining. Lt. Gen. Mayville Jr., however, is going out of his way to let the American people know about Hussein’s devious actions. He recently told this to a media outlet when the issue arose.

“Current law prohibits the use of funds to ‘transfer, release or assist in the transfer or release’ of detainees of Guantanamo Bay to or within the United States, and prohibits the construction, modification or acquisition of any facility within the United States to house any Guantanamo detainee. The Joint Staff will not take any action contrary to those restrictions”

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