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Man Sees What Veteran Is Doing At His Booth, Immediately Calls Manager Over

vet booth

Recently, a young man, C. Sparks, took his mother out to dinner at the local Texas Roadhouse.

As soon as the two of them got to the restaurant, they noticed an older man sitting alone in a booth. He was wearing a veteran’s cap and a jacket with patches representing the various military units he’d served in and the different theaters of war to which he’d deployed. It was obvious the man was a highly decorated veteran.

The veteran sat alone, but it was obvious that he did not feel alone. He greeted every single person that walked by his table on their way out of the restaurant. “Good night, ya’ll,” he’d say to one group as it passed. “Ya’ll have a good evenin’,” he’d say to the next. C. Sparks noted that many of the people the veteran spoke to acknowledged him and spoke back, but a good many also ignored him as if he wasn’t there.

vet booth

At one point during their dinner, the Sparkses noticed that a waiter went to the veteran’s table and spent all kinds of time with him, as if he had no other customers to attend to, though he did.

The Sparks realized this vet was a very special person, so they called the manager over. They wanted to pay for his tab, but the manager told them that someone else already had.

Obviously, the Sparkses weren’t the only ones who appreciated this humble, valiant American hero.

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