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Friday , August 18 2017
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Megyn Kelly Shocks Fans With MAJOR Announcement

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Megyn Kelly is one of Fox News’ most popular newscasters. Most conservatives loved her up until last summer, when during a Republican Presidential debate she seemed to go after their sacred cow, Donald Trump, in a very vicious and personal manner.

A very famous feud ensued after that debate, and Donald Trump would end up refusing to show up at the next debate held by Fox News in which Kelly would also be a moderator. Instead, he had a fund raiser, right down the street from that night’s debate, during which he raised more than $6 million for disabled veterans, a cool $1 million of which he donated himself.

Kelly recently did an interview with media outlet “More” in which she said that of all the people at Fox News who had her back against Trump, she wished that Bill O’Reilly would have come to her aid more. O’Reilly did a personal interview with Trump shortly after the altercation, and be mentioned the feud, but he did not necessarily pick a side.

“I would have defended him more,” Kelly said of O’Reilly in the “More” interview. She also said that she was not looking forward to going on stage with Trump again, knowing he might attack her at any time.

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