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Mom Notices ‘Familiar’ Symbol On Toy, SICK When She Realizes What It Means

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A family in New York recently went to a monster truck rally. They were having the time of their lives, when the family’s son decided to buy a pink stuffed monster truck toy for his litter sister. The mother thought it was cute and allowed him to do so. It wasn’t until the family returned home and their older daughter recognized a symbol on the truck that alarms started going off.


The older daughter remembered seeing an episode about child molesters on Law and Order. It turns out that there are secret symbols that pedophiles use to let each other know they are one of a kind. Here’s one such symbol that was on the pink monster truck.


What does this symbol mean? Have a look at the full symbol chart below:


The mother contacted the company that hosted the monster truck jam, and after they did their own research, they pulled the toys from their product line. They are seeking out the original designer of the toy.

Parents, you can never be too careful when it comes to your children. Check their toys and make sure none of them are sending out a beacon symbol to those who would wish to do your children harm.

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