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Muslim Brat Demands Nestle ‘Give In’ To Her, Their Response Is Priceless

muslim brat

We’ve watched as companies, institutions and individuals across the globe have cow towed to Muslims in fear of being called Islamaphobic if they do not. Few people care to consider the fact that “Islamaphobic” is not even a real word. It was made up by liberal Marxists to shut down arguments they know they can’t win if the topic of Islam comes up. Rather that admitting it is NOT a religion of peace, rather, a cult of hate and murder, they use this word against their opponent, then viola! Conversation over, as Islamaphobe is the new racist.

muslim brat 2

One company is not caving to the demands of the cult of hate and murder, and that’s Nestle Corporation. They have an angry and offended Muslim hot on their heels, for a rediculous reason, but still, they are standing their ground (h/t George Zimmerman!).

Saima Ahmad is a twenty year old Muslim college student in England. She recently purchased a pack of Kit Kat bars, and instead of having 8 waifers inside, it had only 7. Instead of writing it off as a ‘mistakes happen’ issue, she’s decided to sue Nestle Corp., and she’s seeking a lifetime supply of free Kit Kats.

Who’s to blame here? This entitled brat? Or the country who hosts her for making all these Muslim refugee invaders think that they deserve everything for free in the first place?

Oh, and by the way? Nestle’s response?

Hell No!

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