Muslim Locks 2-Year-Old In Sizzling Box, All Because Of What Mom Wouldn’t Say –
Wednesday , August 23 2017
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Muslim Locks 2-Year-Old In Sizzling Box, All Because Of What Mom Wouldn’t Say

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As the Muslim invasion of Europe- and soon to be America- and the war against ISIS rages on, there are so many atrocities that you simply never hear about, at least here in the U.S., because while almost every other Western Nation has joined forces to take the fight to this enemy, the greatest we’ve faced since the Nazis, our leader, Hussein Obama, tells us that “climate change” is the greatest threat to the human race, warns people about speaking out against Islam, and continues to fund, train and arm the very ISIS tyrants who are set upon destroying us.

German psychologist Jan Ilhan Kizilhan specializes in treating victims of Islamic abuse. He deals mostly with women and children who have been raped and beaten by the males of Islam, as it is stated the males can clearly do, in their book of hate, he Quran.

Kizilhan recently told a major media outlet of one of the worst stories he’s ever heard. He was treating a young mother who was a Kurd and who had only recently escaped the clutches of ISIS in Iraq.

Her husband had been killed by ISIS fighters, and she and her three children, two girls, ages 2 and 5, and one boy, age 7, were taken into slavery. She had been sold several times, but her last master was the worse she ever had.

Devout Muslims believe that Arabic is the ONLY language the Quran should be read in. They believe it’s blasphemy to read it in any other language.

This woman, as a Kurd, did not speak Arabic. Her master became so irate after she would not read their book of hate in Arabic, that he took her two year old daughter, locked her in a small wooden box, then set her out in the desert to bake. After seven days, the baby girl was still alive, so he took her out of the box and put her in an ice cold bath to kill her.

The mother said she tried to revive the baby girl, but it was too late, and she could not, and the baby died.

Remember this story the next time Michael Moore holds up a sign that reads “We Are All Muslims” or Hussein Obama calls Islam a beautiful religion of peace.

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