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Muslim Rapes Little Girl In “Refugee” Center! Liberal Authorities Do THIS To Protect HIM!

muslim rapes little girl

A 40 year old Muslim man in a refugee center in Sweden has raped a three year old little girl. The girl’s mother noticed her daughter’s injuries after the rape and contacted the authorities. When police arrived is when things got even more disturbing.

In the name of multiculturalism, Sweden has opened the floodgates for third world, Muslim, peasant swine and in so doing, shot their countries statistics of child rapes through the roof! When the police came to investigate this rape in question, the leftists running the “refugee” center moved the 40 year old rapist to another building in an attempt to hide him. They felt that HE was the true victim here, because as a Muslim man, he has been given reign over all things female, and if he wanted to rape a three year old little girl, then by Allah! Why should the Swedish Government officials have any say in it?

It took them quite some time to nab him, due to the games the liberals in charge of the center were running, but police officers finally caught the Muslim scum who ruined the little girl’s life forever.

The graph below shows just how much the child rape rate in Sweden has increased since they started accepting Muslim immigrants in mass.

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child rape sweden


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