Muslim Rapist Left HUMILIATED When Girl Pulls Out Odd “Secret Weapon” –
Friday , August 18 2017
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Muslim Rapist Left HUMILIATED When Girl Pulls Out Odd “Secret Weapon”

odd secret weapon

A Muslim rapist thought he’d weasel his way into an 18 year old girl’s house and have his way with her against her will. Little did he know that she was armed, but not with mace or a gun, but a pissed off house cat that was willing to fight to the death for his owner.

odd 2

The incident took place in Turkey back in 2014, but it’s such a great story that it just keeps circulating, because it NEVER gets old.

Basically, as the would be rapist attacked the young girl, identified only as H.T., the cat came flying through the air and summarily attached itself to his face!

odd 3

The cat not only fought off the attacker, allowing his victim to call the police, but it detained the attacker long enough for police to arrive and arrest him and no doubt give him a slap on the wrist since Turkey is a Muslim country, and women have no rights under Islam.

“I was faced with a villain, a pervert. He could have killed me but my cat saved my life by attacking him. [Minnoş] is my hero,” H.T. told reporters.

“People say cats are ungrateful. But in fact it is people who are ungrateful. Animals are loyal. Minnoş sees me as her mother. She is worth the world to me and she will always be with us,” H.T. added.

So, while liberal women are teaching themselves to pee their pants in the U.S., and logically minded women in the U.S. are arming themselves with handguns while it’s still legal, women in Turkey are arming themselves with house cats.

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