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Muslim “Refugee” Tries To Steal A Car- Watch What Happens INSTANTLY!


The picture above is from an incident that took place recently where a group of rabid Muslims decided they’d walk out into traffic and just start bashing out windows of cars with sticks and stones and assaulting any of the drivers they could get their hands on.

The offenders are Muslim refugees from the African shi* hole of Eritrea.  The chaos took place in Calais, France. The reasoning behind the rabid Muslims’ actions?

They were bored…

France has been devastated, like much of Europe, by the mass Muslim invasion by third world peasant Muslims from the Middle East and parts of Africa. Democratic Presidential candidate Crooked Hillary Rodham Clinton wants to increase the intake of Muslim refugees from Syria alone into the U.S. by 550 per cent if she gets elected.

Donald Trump, the man likely to be our next President, wants to put an end to open borders, and especially the Muslim invasion, which he claims is the great Trojan Horse of our time.

The good news about the chaos in Calais? Many of the Muslims were run over and killed, and police pressed NO charges on any of the drivers.

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