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Muslim Refugees Start Molesting Little Girls, Didn’t See Who Was Watching

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Two little girls had gone to the grocery store to get a few essentials for their family’s dinner. It was just past dark, but this was the small town they’d grown up in, and they’d never had reason to fear before.

Enter the Muslim “rapeugees” polluting all of Europe like oil from a spill into the sea!

The two girls were set upon, groped and fondled by two Muslim males who liked what they saw in the underage girls. Just as the males (notice we’re not calling them men?) were undoing their pants to do the unimaginable, they were grabbed by the nape of the neck, lifted off the girls, and choke slammed back to the ground and detained until police arrived.

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You see, the Muslim child molesters were not the only people who had their eyes on these two young girls outside the grocery store in Sääksjärvi, Finland on this fateful night.

The Soldiers of Odin were watching, too!

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The Soldiers of Odin is a vigilante group made up of men across several European nations who have formed to protect their citizens, mostly the women and children, from the onslaught of rapes and beatings being handed out by their new neighbors, Muslims from the Middle East, mostly Syria, who refuse to drop their third world peasant cultural ways and assimilate to the West.

The Governments of most European nations, especially Germany, take the side of U.S. President Hussein Obama in that they are more concerned with protecting the image of Islam than they are their own people.

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At least the women and children of Finland, England, Germany, The Netherlands and several other European nations can rest easier at night knowing that the Soldiers of Odin have stepped in to protect them where their Governments have not.

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