Muslim Refugees Take 3-Year-Old By The Hand, Show Him “Cultural Enrichment” –
Wednesday , August 16 2017
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Muslim Refugees Take 3-Year-Old By The Hand, Show Him “Cultural Enrichment”

muslim 3 year old

The liberal, left wing media is taking all cues from the soft-hearted leaders of the world who are scrambling to do more to protect the image of Islam than to protect those the cult of hate and death is harming. We can see this mostly in Germany, where hundreds of women were raped right on the streets during the New Year’s Eve celebrations which rang in 2016 and the way the German Government officials actually blamed the victims for “being in the wrong place.” They were in Germany!

Noway and Sweden have seen their numbers of rape cases go up ten fold since beginning to take in “refugees” as long as five years ago. No one is safe in these countries now, and as the Governments there have tried to contain the savages by merely attempting to keep them separate from the native citizens, they’ve seen that the savages simply attack each other.

Recently, in Norway, in their infinite wisdom, the powers that be decided they would separate the third world savages by gender, in order to cut down on the number of Muslim women being raped and beaten by their Muslim male savage counterparts. It all backfired, and what did they expect?

Mail online reports that a group of Muslim men recently lured a three year old toddler in one such “refugee” camp away from his family and brutally group raped him. They sodomized his poor little body repeatedly before his mother was able to find him, and police report that they have not been able to track down any of the heathens who participated in this heinous crime.

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  • Tim McCallister

    I bet they just stashed them.
    I don’t think they throw anything away.
    But to go along with the story, It is a big red flag
    of why?. I don’t think things are on the up n up, at all.