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Muslim Woman Looks Like This After Dinner, What’s Attached To Rope Is SICK

muslim woman after dinner

Online media platforms, like Facebook, at the urging of leftest world leaders like German Chancellor Angel Merkel, and U.S. President Hussein Obama, are cracking down on Facebook pages and other social media accounts who post ANYTHING derogatory toward Islam. Only a few days ago, anti-Islam crusader “Dom the Conservative” had her Facebook page shut down, and believe it or not, it was because she was too pretty.

Now, with all this said, one must wonder why those who practice the hate/death cult ways of Islam do not seem to care themselves in doing anything to protect the image of Islam. A prime example of this is the picture above.

This picture began circulating in November of 2014, and it is believed that this is when the incident in question took place. Basically, a Muslim woman served her husband dinner later than he’d wanted it, and it was cold, so to teach her a lesson, he tied her up to a rope after he ate and attached the other end of the rope to his car. He dragged her around town, and she certainly will NEVER be late with any meal again, because she would end up dying from the injuries she sustained while being dragged.

What do you think of media and world Governments worrying more about protecting the image of Islam than protecting those the cult is hurting and killing? Let us know your thoughts on our Cool To Be Conservative Facebook page by clicking on this blue sentence. 

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