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Muslims Abduct 80-Year-Old Christian Woman, What They Do Next Is Inconceivable

80 year old christian woman

“Islam is a beautiful religion of peace,” said no one ever who was raped, stoned to death, or burned alive, all because they belonged to the cult of Islam and didn’t follow some archaic rule to the ‘t’ or because they did NOT belong to the cult of Islam and refused to convert.

Here is one of the most hideous stories I’ve ever heard, by way of blogger ‘Dom The Conservative,’ a VERY anti-Muslim blogger who writes for several media outlets.

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Last year, ISIS boasted of killing and exiling every last Christian in Mosul, driving them from the city in which they’ve lived for over 2,000 years. It recently appeared that they had missed at one, however, that was soon taken care of by Allah’s favored warriors.

BasNews reports that ISIS captured an 80-year-old Iraqi Christian woman who was from the Nimrud area east of Mosul.

The elderly woman was an easy catch because of her inability to leave the city with fellow Christians who have fled for their lives.

Because the faithful captive refused to deny her belief, the ISIS thugs set the elderly Christian woman on fire, savagely burning her alive.

Sa’ed Mamuzini, a representative of the Kurdistan Democratic Party (KDP), told BasNews that the fighters set the woman on fire because she failed to comply with Sharia law.

This could mean anything from failing to pay jizyah to refusing to submit to Islam. Whatever the reason, this is the first person to be burned to death by ISIS since the murder of the Jordanian pilot early this year.

We will continue to see the innocent fall victim to Islamic aggressors until Sharia law is wiped out. However, in order to do this, the Quran and Hadith must be abrogated almost entirely.


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