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Muslims Try To Bully Catholic School Into Islamic Agenda, Here’s Their Response

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Did you know that several years ago, public schools in England stopped teaching about the Holocaust? Can you guess why? Because it offended the Muslims! They claimed that it was merely a way for Jews to claim to have been victims in history, and that Jews are responsible for all of mankind’s past transgressions. In order to appease these angry, and potentially violent Muslims, the entire English school system was overhauled.

However, private schools can still teach what they want, and they do NOT have to cower to Muslims. Recently, Muslims in England approached a Catholic school and demanded concessions. The school pretty much told them to bugger off!

From Mad World News:

The General Certificate of Secondary Education has mandated that schools in the UK implement Islamic teaching, regardless of their religious affiliation or private status. Although schools are now required to teach children Islamic fundamentals, at least 2,000 schools under the Catholic Church have announced that they will teach only Christianity and Judaism, and angry Muslims will just have to get over it.

The growing Muslim community in the UK is ironically furious that the Christian schools will be teaching Christianity, and do not wish to revere any other opposing religions in their curriculum.

So there you have it folks. At least the Catholics in the UK are willing to stand up to the evil Muslims even though the pansy ass Government is not.

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