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Wednesday , August 23 2017
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New Probe Revelations: Huma Abedin Spying For…


If you don’t have security clearance, and you want to capture top secret information and pass it on to the group for whom you’re spying, here’s how you do it.

Number one; have your boss have a private email server so she can send you and anyone else who doesn’t have a security clearance classified information. Or in Huma’s case, just get your boss to get you an unapproved clearance.

Number two; move that classified information to your private email account at Yahoo.

Number three; have the group for whom you’re spying hack Yahoo and steal a bunch of emails, of which yours are included.

Viola! You’ve just committed the perfect crime!

It’s shaping up as if this is exactly how Huma Abedin has gotten her spying for the Muslim Brotherhood done. Crooked Hillary Clinton played right into her trap, and hell, Crooked Hillary probably knew about it the whole time and never cared.

Check out this pictograph explaining the whole thing:


Locker her up, and lock Huma up with her!


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