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Obama And Black Lives Caught Working To Create Martial Law And Prevent Elections

obama and black lives

DeRay Mckesson, a prominent leader of Black Lives Matter, allegedly had his Twitter account hacked recently, and a Tweet that he sent out is causing quite a storm to brew.

Allegedly, according to media outlet Patriot Nation, which is sometimes accurate in reporting, and sometimes not, Mckesson sent out a Tweet, organizing a planned protest for next month’s Republican National Convention.

The goal of the protest should surprise no one. It’s no secret that U.S. President Hussein Obama is determined to remain in power once is term is up, whether we the people like it or not. He’s been known not just to arm foreign terrorist groups like ISIS, and foreign drug cartels such as those in Mexico, but he’s also been working very closely with the domestic terror group Black Lives Matter.

The plan, no doubt, will call for violent protests, such as were seen in San Jose, California recently, where Trump supporters attending our next President’s rally were savagely attacked and beaten by common criminals on their way out of the rally. This was no doubt planned, and we’re sure something similar is being planned for the RNC, if this Tweet was indeed intercepted via a hack. This would give Hussein Obama the ability to institute Martial Law, thereby calling off the November elections and allowing him to remain in power indefinitely.

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