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Obama is Kicking Lincoln Off the $5 Bill, You Won’t Believe Who He’s Replacing Him With

obama five dollar bill

It wasn’t good enough for Hussein Obama to take Andrew Jackson off the twenty dollar bill and replace him with Harriet Tubman. No, the Muslim in chief is now determined to get Abraham Lincoln, the President who freed the slaves, off the five spot, and replace him with a historical African American figure as well.

Up for consideration by the Hussein Obama administration, many members of which are card carrying members of the Muslim Brotherhood, is Dr. Martin Luther King Jr., and it is appearing as if Dr. King will have no challengers.

Hussein Obama also wants to take President Grant off of the one hundred dollar bill and replace him with a woman,  either Sojourner Truth, Susan B. Anthony, Elizabeth Cady Stanton, Alice Paul or Lucretia Mott, all of whom were leaders in the women’s suffrage movement. All of the new bills are said to be going into affect in the 2020 currency printing.

Hussein Obama made it clear at the beginning of his Presidency, that it was his goal to bring “America down to a level with the rest of the world.” He’s done this by being more concerned with the image of Islam than he has been with taking the fight to our Jihadist enemies. He’s made friends with communist Cuba, even though Fidel Castro wants nothing to do with him, and most recently, he’s gone to Japan, on Memorial Day, of all days, to apologize to the Japanese people for the U.S. nuking them after they secretly attacked us like cowards at Pearl Harbor.

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