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Tuesday , September 19 2017

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BREAKING! North Korea Makes An Imminent Threat!

If it is true that the North Korean regime of Little Kim Jong-Un has nuclear warheads that work, and if it’s true that they have the missile capability to deliver the payloads, that work, and if it is further true, what they just said they’d do with them should the …

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BREAKING! North Korea official confirms it! Missiles are coming!!!

There’s one commonality that holds true for all narcissists, like Little Kim of North Korea. Giving them any sort of attention, even if it’s negative attention, only fuels the flames of their egotistical desires. Anyone rational, which Little Kim is not, would have ceased and desisted all missile launch activity …

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Breaking: Look Who Was Just Found Hanging In Their Jail Cell

There is something fishy about this story. Sure, at first, it appears as if it’s just another prison suicide. However, you might remember after this guy went on his killing spree last Indian Summer that there were a slew of articles coming out in the alternative media linking him to …

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