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PHOTO: Man Snaps Pic Of Wife On The Beach, Stunned by What Else It Caught

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My kids and I usually watch old movies or televisions shows from the 90’s together, since that seems to be around the time when we were in the final days of things on television actually being suitable for children.

Last night, we were watching an old “Goosebumps” episode (remember that show?), and there was a scene where a girl in a library pulled out an old snap camera to take a picture of a monster. My six year old daughter asked me how you viewed the image, once you took the picture, because there was no digital screen. Just a hole. I nearly fell out of bed laughing. My daughter was amazed, later in the show, where it showed the girl taking the film to get developed, and then having to wait an hour for “express.”

“God, mommy, you’re old,” my daughter said at the end of it all.

Camera technology has come an amazingly far way in the last 20 years, and the image this guy picked up when snapping a pic of his pregnant wife on the beach is proof of that. No doubt those old snap, disposable cameras from all of 20 years ago would have missed this.

beach pic 3

Dan Mozer and his wife were visiting Atlantic Beach in Florida when they took the picture. They were able to scroll back, frame by frame and get a perfect shot of their surprise visitor. Have a look.

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