Friday , June 23 2017
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President-elect Trump woke up this morning and tweeted this…


President-elect Trump could not have slept much last night, if at all, but he had a very important message to send out on Twitter this morning, whether he slept or not.

And it’s a message that answers the question of “Oh, my God! How is this happening?” that all the media talking heads were asking last night as the election results were coming in.


Trump’s Tweet nails it! Yes, millions and millions of ‘forgotten people’ showed up to vote. They are the mostly white, middle or working class, who never expected any special treatment for anything, but who simply, over decades, have gotten sick and tired of being overlooked, as if we don’t count. As if our ‘plane vanilla-ness’ of being white and in the middle doesn’t make us worth serving from the public servant’s perspective.

That’s fine that you’ve ignored us up there in D.C., but it’s best you start packing, because our man is coming up there in January, and we’re coming with him, and together, we’re going to drain the swamp.

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