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Putin Just Broke Daily Record For Bombings Against Obama’s “B Team” Jihadists In Syria!

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While U.S. President Hussein Obama continues to arm Muslim Jihadists in Syria, and train them, so they can jump sides and join ISIS, Russian President Vladimir Putin continues to blast all those U.S. tax payer funded plans of Hussein Obama’s to shreds.

The AFP out of Moscow has reported today that Russia just broke their own daily record with the number of bombings on evil Jihadists targets in Syria with 118 bombings. The old record, set earlier this week, was 94.

Many of Russia’s targets include ISIS and Al Qaeda, but they also hit what Hussein Obama refers to as “moderates” which Putin knows is a term for a people that do not exist. As the saying goes, a “radical Muslim” wants to cut your head off. A “moderate Muslim” wants a “radical Muslim” to cut your head off.

It’s no secret to anyone that Hussein Obama is intent on destroying the U.S. and the West before leaving office. However, Putin may have jumped in just in time to scrap those plans, at least as far as Syria goes.

Hussein Obama is trying to ramp up his plans to destroy the U.S. by bringing tens of thousands of Muslims into the U.S. over the next few years, giving them “refugee asylum” status, but if Putin keeps his foot on the pedal, as he has been so far, there may not be that many “moderates” left to bring into the U.S. to destroy our way of life as they are doing in Europe. One can hope, at least. Go Putin!

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