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Rare 9-11 Amateur Footage Never Aired On Television

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This footage has not aired on television and it seems to be harder and harder to find on YouTube, as, mysteriously, it’s often taken down.

The footage was shot via a personal camera by Richard A. Siege. The video stops at times so Siege can discuss what it was like to be there that day recording this heinous event. There are also sporadic newscasts inserted into the video.

This is the type of video that is still hard to watch, all these years later, but we must not forget, for one moment, the extreme evil that we face in regard to radical Islamic extremists who wish to destroy America. Hussein Obama wants us to, and perhaps he’s trying to help erase our memory by bringing 200k “peaceful widows and orphans” in from Syria, but we must never forget our past, or we are doomed to repeat it.

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