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‘Refugee’ Slaps White Girl For Refusing To Have Sex With Him – Then This Happens

muslim slaps white girl

A very disturbing video has surfaced of a Muslim refugee slapping a white girl for refusing his advances.

In the video, the male (we won’t call him a ‘man,’ because a man he is not) asks a white girl walking past, minding her own business, for her phone number. She refuses to give it to him, so he slaps her hard across the face.

She quickly tries to flee the area, and you will see one of his Muslim refugee buddies run up from behind her and slap her as well. No doubt the scumbag filming the incident would have slapped her, too, had he not had the cellphone camera in his hand.

The video is so disturbing that it goes against YouTube policies and can only be viewed on LiveLeak. We do not want to take the risk of even embedding it in this post, so we are directing you to view it elsewhere. Simply click on the image below and you will be taken to the original source of this story, U.S. Herald, where you can view the video, should you so desire. Warning- it is VERY disturbing.

muslim slaps white girl

In the even that didn’t work, click on this blue sentence to be taken to the video as well. 

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  • Renesmae Sherman

    He should have been hung and quartered! I do not want people like this in my country!

  • Dennis Ray Wall

    And now for the real bad news about what Obama & Hillary plan to do to this Country:
    Obama & Hillary want what is happening in Britain to happen here! This is the most important video you can watch about the problem!
    Watch this video!