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School Labels 8-Year-Old Boy “Terrorist” For 5 Words He Said About Muslims

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Once upon a time, and not too long ago, those who were willing to defend those who could not defend themselves were called heroes. Not so anymore. Now, it appears, they are called “terrorists.”

An eight year old boy in a public school has been labelled a “terrorist” by that school’s officials because of what he said he wanted to do when he grew up.

Eight-year-old Rhys Atkinson, of Upton, England was in class with the rest of his fellow students when a lecture was being given on how to make the refugees which are overwhelming Europe feel more comfortable and at home. The kids were being brainwashed on how to accept their new neighbors, despite the fact that their new neighbors are not accepting them or the English culture.

At one point, little Rhys said that when he grew up, “he wanted to fight terrorists.”

These five little words got him labelled. The school called social services and reported the statement. The authorities visited his parents and are now questioning his parent’s parenting skills for a “violent video game they allow him to play.”

The parents claim the charge is absurd, as we’re sure you’ll agree, but now this innocent little boy, who wants to grow up and protect his countrymen, has a label that will no doubt stick with him for years to come.

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(story and image source H/T Mad World News)

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