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Secret Obama Letters Found by 2 GOP Senators Send Obama Admin Into Panic Mode

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The Hussein Obama Presidency has been plagued with nothing less than backroom, dirty deals that benefit our enemies, and contribute nothing to the betterment of our country. We can beat a dead horse to death in doing so, but looking back to the deal Hussein Obama made to trade a dirty rotten deserter/traitor, Bowie Bergdahl, for five of the most deadly terrorists on earth is just one example.

Last month, Hussein Obama passed the Nuclear “peace” agreement with Middle Eastern evil nation Iran. Only three days after the accord was signed, and before the ink on the page was even dry, Iran test fired a nuclear capable intercontinental ballistic missile (note: without a warhead) as a way to snub their noses at the American people and the idiocy of our inept leadership.

Now, according to media outlet Conservative Tribune, Republican senators Marco Rubio and Mark Kirk have come across secret letters written by the Hussein Obama administration to countries like China, France and Germany, promising that anyone who does business with Iran will NOT be penalized under the current Iranian sanctions agreements. In essence, Iran will be pulling in up to another $150 in backdoor business deals that the Hussein Obama administration will conveniently overlook.

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