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SHOCK: Ford Makes Massive Announcement… Trump Was Right About Everything

Ford Trump

One of Donald Trump’s favorite stories he loves to tell in nearly every campaign speech he gives is of Ford moving a plant to Mexico. He talks at length of how this costs Americans jobs, and allows Ford to basically manufacture its vehicles for very low cost labor fees, and then ship them back into the U.S. for sale without paying any import tariffs because they are an American company. Trump then goes on to explain, about how when he’s President, he’ll call Ford up and let them know they’re paying a 35% import tax on every vehicle or vehicle part they ship back into the U.S. that was made on foreign soil. He ends the story by stating that once he implements this policy, Ford will be closing up shop in Mexico and giving jobs back to the American people.

Ford executives have been asked about plans to open up a factory in Mexico quite a bit lately, due to this story The Donald tells at his campaign rallies, and they always say they do not comment on speculation. Well, it turns out it’s not just speculation anymore.

ford mexico

Fox News is reporting that Ford is, indeed, opening a new plant in Mexico. Everything Donald Trump, who recently won the New Hampshire Republican Primary by a landslide, has been exactly right!

Do you want to see jobs return to the American people? Better vote Trump!

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