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Shocking News Leaks About Ted Cruz – He Didn’t Want Us To Find This Out!

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You know that brokered RNC convention everyone keeps talking about? The one where the Grand Old Party is planning on saying screw the people, and taking the nomination away from Donald Trump? It turns out it might not be happening after all! Not if what Ted Cruz is up to comes to fruition.

A bombshell report has dropped, claiming that as soon as Little Marco Rubio dropped out of the race for the Republican Presidential nomination after his humiliating defeat in his home state of Florida, Cruz immediately began petitioning Donald Trump to choose him as his Vice Presidential candidate running mate.

The two would make an amazing team, most conservatives think. Cruz has a deadlock on the ultra-conservative, fundamental Christian types, and Trump overwhelmingly is the choice among conservative to moderate conservatives who are simply fed up with business as usual in Washington.

If the two do indeed team up, it would virtually knock Kasich out of the race and ruin the GOP’s plan of eliminating the concept of throwing to the wind the idea of Government ‘by of and for the people’ in this year’s election.

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