Monday , June 26 2017
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Snowden Reveals “Bin Laden Is Alive And Well And Living In…”


Some people consider Edward Snowden a hero, for exposing the ever overreaching U.S. Government for spying on its citizens through any and all forms of communications which they use. Others consider him a coward and a traitor with a grudge against America- someone who made the U.S. less safe by telling our secrets to the world, while hiding out in a foreign land.

According to several media reports, Edward Snowden has allegedly claimed that Osama Bin Laden is still alive and well, living in the Bahamas and drawing a pension from the  C.I.A., for whom he was an alleged operative for more than two decades before his alleged death.

What do you think? Is it a hoax? Or is it true? We all know that as much as we love our country, we certainly can’t trust our Government.

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