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Teacher Tells What Muslim Students Did During Attack, Hears Knock At The Door

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This story is utterly disgusting, but it serves to send a wake up call to those who still refuse to face the scary facts we face, and instead, keep their head in the sand.

Only days ago as of the writing of this piece, the Muslim terrorists were wreaking havoc on the city of Brussels in Belgium. They blew up an airport and a transit car, and more than 30 people have died, and more than 200 others have been injured.

The attacks took place after the school day had started, so many people at school, teachers and students alike, watched the chaos as it was played out on television in the classroom, just like many Americans did back on September 11’th, 2001.

One public school teacher in Europe, Ivar Mol, pictured at the top of this article, had a large population of Muslim students, those students having arrived to Europe as part of the Muslim invasion. To his horror, Mr. Mol watched, as his Muslim students actually celebrated the attacks!

He sent out a Tweet about what he was witnesses in his classroom, stating also that he could not believe it, and three hours later, the police showed up at his door to interrogate him for having been “insensitive” enough toward Muslims to send out the tweet.

People, our thin skinned political correctness is the very knife we have handed the Jihadist to use to cut off our heads.

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