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The Affair That Megyn Kelly Holds Over Fox News As Blackmail Which Forced Them To Choose Her Over Trump!

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Many people have asked the question, “What in the WORLD was Fox News thinking, choosing Megyn Kelly over Donald Trump?” It seems Miss Kelly may be holding a bit of blackmail over the executives at Fox News to get whatever she wants, whenever and however she wants it!

From Redflag News:

In 2011 I won a journalism award from News Corp where I got to meet some of the muckety mucks at Fox. Night owl that I am, I asked to meet Greg Gutfeld. Gutfeld told me that Fox News was kind of like high school but without the jocks. “There are lots of babes and a bunch of nerds and geeks but no jocks,” he said. It was, he intimated, kind of awesome, at least, for the men. I thought this vaguely creepy and stopped watching Red Eye soon thereafter though I confess that was because I never really owned a TV. I wish Gutfeld well but think that his show and shtick was more interesting when it was more edgy. The forty-something frat boy runs dry and I’m a little tired of 70 year olds listening to 40 year olds about what 20 years old are interested in.

Anyway, in 2012 an adviser to Roger Ailes told me that Megyn Kelly and Brit Hume were having an affair. In 2014 a crisis PR official based in New York & hired by News Corp told me the same thing. The adviser said that Ailes told Kelly that she had to cancel the affair with Hume and that if she did she’d be the new face of Fox and step in for O’Reilly. I dismissed these rumors at the time but the Daily Kos wrote about the rumors surrounding Kelly and Hume in 2007 and later Kelly did step in for O’Reilly and has risen through the ranks–just as my source predicted. Kelly, in an interview with Howard Stern (yes, really), said she nearly didn’t get the job but that Ailes stepped in on her behalf.

What do you think? Is there any truth to this? Or is it merely tabloid rubbish out to slander Kelly?

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