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These “Sick” Signs Are Popping Up Across the US, and Haters Want Them Down Now

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My, how times have changed in American culture and society. It seems several generations have passed now, where children were raised with respect, manners and common courtesy.

Two generations ago, Americans were raised to respect authority and to respect the law. It seems that today, very few among the younger generations respect either.

U.S. President Hussein Obama has launched an all out war on police officers in America. Any time a police officer does what no human soul is constructed to do, and takes the life of another human in the line of duty, he is quick to rush to the closest microphone and denounce the cop as a racist bigot. Unless, of course, the criminal or innocent person shot and killed is not a minority. Then he ignores it.

However, when a police officer is killed in the line of duty, which has been happening way too often as of late, Hussein Obama is mum.

Many folks in many communities across the nation are showing their support for our boys and girls in blue with the following signs posted on billboards.

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These signs are infuriating libtards and those with entitlement mentalities who believe no mother should have to worry about her son being shot and killed any time he decides to rob a convenient store.

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Where do you stand on the war on cops in America? Do you support our law enforcement? Or do you believe that Hussein Obama and the left are right, that they are going too far?

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