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They Spotted Two People Burying a Body, What Happened Next is the Stuff of Nightmares

dragging body

An entire grade school in the U.S. was put on lock down recently when people at the school noticed a disturbing sight in the woods nearby. Two people could be seen literally dragging a body, a dead one, through the woods in order to bury it in a shallow, unmarked grave.

Police came to the scene after they were called and discovered that Toni Anthony Hearne, 53, of Mecklenburg County, and Linsby Marie Lentz, 33, from Albemarle, both locations in North Carolina, where the incident occurred, were dragging the dead remains of 71 year old Robert Adam Hearne, Jr. of Albemarle, North Carolina through the woods to dispose of him.

Toni Hearne mugshot_1457564379486_932077_ver1.0

One of the two criminals apprehended, Toni Hearne, pictured above, is a practitioner of the religion of peace. It’s not clear if the murder had anything to do with his sick, twisted ideology cleverly disguised as a religion, though the investigation is ongoing. If it turns out that it did, this information will likely never be released, as U.S. President Hussein Obama has made it clear to law enforcement and the media in the U.S. that the reputation of Islam is to be protected at all costs.

Both of the people apprehended in this grizzly incident are currently being held pending the conclusion of the investigation.

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