THIS Is How Bill Gates And Donald Trump Have Teamed Up To SAVE America! It’s BRILLIANT! –
Tuesday , September 19 2017
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THIS Is How Bill Gates And Donald Trump Have Teamed Up To SAVE America! It’s BRILLIANT!


Yesterday, Microsoft founder and world’s richest man, Bill Gates, visited President Donald J. Trump at Trump Tower. The two billionaires are working together to make America great again through innovation and deregulation. This is what Gates had to say about his meeting with Trump:


It’s time to make America great again, and with successful billionaires who make ways, not excuses, like that worthless Muslim sap, B. Hussein Obama, there’s no way America is going to lose again. We are going to win so much we are going to beg President Trump to stop winning, but thank God, he’s not going to stop winning.


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  • GrnBeretVet

    Appeasement is surrendering! I’m sure Kim Jung Un realizes once he initiates such an attack, the DPRK (Democratic People’s Republic of Korea) North Korea, will immediately cease to exist. Like the rat that he is it’s doubtful he’ll initiate such an attack, after all he’ll probably be killed by our retaliation and will no longer be the god he thinks he is. We’ve had six decades of idle threats coming from North Korea and rest assured it will continue as long as the Kim regime stays in power, so why continue the masquerade? The world community needs to unite and finally put an end to this insanity. If America only allies itself with South Korea, rest assured China will resist even if it means to intervene like it did during the Korean war of the 1950’s. If anything we must win not only China’s support, but the support of all neighboring nations, otherwise it’s like beating a rock against a stone.

    • Chris Mcalister

      I doubt any nukes shot out of n korea would make it out of n korea. The us missile defense is one of the best things that has been developed in decades.

    • bluesea

      What most people don’t realize is that the Korean War from the 1950s was never finished. We are technically still at war with them because no peace treaty was ever formed or signed. So, if it starts, it would just be the continuation of the same war from the past.

      • Mark Salansky

        A few tomahawk missiles will take care of that. We can arm them with nuclear warheads and remove them from the map.

  • Tom

    We shouldn’t do anything. It’s in God’s hands and he will protect us.

    • António Manuel Paraíso Pinto

      Wishfull thinking indeed

    • stupidest thing Ive ever heard. Hes done such a good job so far eh.

      • Albert Mejia

        So was the holocaust a good thing?

        • Christine Josh Cobb

          No the Holocaust was Barbaric But it was created by a Man that was a Psycho Dictator that other Psycho ‘s Inhumane Humans chose to follow ~! All out of “Hate Greed & Self Loathing ” & It was an” Atrocity made by Man “that should never be repeated ~! Man should have learned by such “Traumatic Barbaric Life Altering Inhumane actions !To gain wisdom Not to repeat ~!

      • Darius Boler

        Like.. look at this wonderful thing called earth I have made for you humans. you are so special to me- each and every one of you. Buuuuuuuuuuuuuuttt here’s lil a rape,,, aaaaand I think I’ll sprinkle onnn a little war,, Awww Fuck it – I’ll just put hell on earth also. ????????????

        • Hector Castillo

          God created us to do something about all the problems we have he let us be free and do as we please if he just wanted to make puppet humans that he controls obviously the world would be perfect to his word but he put it all in our hands to do something about it war between good and evil since there is so many unbelievers because a child of god would not ever gas innocent women and children and men for no reason and they got what they asked for missles up there ass and that is the worlds problem and it is up to us to fix it so stop blaming god for your problems sounds so ignorant if you do not believe in him then how is it his fault when it is clearly ours so you must have some kind of faith in him think about that ????

        • Ghost

          Ha do you even know what you are saying… That its being humans ONLY fault… God didn’t tell us go and fight, go heat the earth like hell we are the only responsibles for this catastrophe NOT God

          • William Osbon

            God didn’t tell us to go fight? The Battle Of Jericho? Then the Lord said to Joshua “When you hear them sound a long blast on the trumpets, have the whole army give a loud shout; then the wall of the city will collapse and the army will go up, everyone straight in.” ???

          • Jack

            Yeah.. He told the Israelites to fight Jericho..

            Specific instructions to the army of that time. For a reason.

            I believe that other than these exceptions, God told us to do the exact opposite, no?

            It’s greed, pride and hate that lead to all our problems. Not God. Instead God teaches against those things.

        • Christine Josh Cobb

          Darius Boler ….Take a Good Look No Matter” How or What you Believe in~!” Fact remains All you have mentioned here going on in this World In Society Today ” Is Man Made ~!Man’s Doing ?the Human Beings of this Earths doing? Say What ? Yes Praying that Our Higher Being Bring some Compassion & Common Sense to the” Ones in Control” the ones that be all to ready to send Men & Women into War ~! Those with the Trigger Fingers all to ready to push the buttons ~!Should be forced to lead into Battle rather then have others do their bidding ~! It is a Very Sad Day in Society when “Greed” takes Presidence ” against doing what is righteous & doing Barbaric Acts that are Inhumane~!

        • Jessie A Woodin

          People created those habbits not God. Don’t blame him for our mistakes

      • Ghost

        Yea he has… With out him we would already had destroyed the earth we are the only responsibles for this

      • Alexis

        Just because you don’t believe doesn’t mean the guy standing next you doesn’t believe. I am a Christian I believe in the Bible and God and the devil bc he is real too. But just because you don’t believe doesn’t mean you shoot down the ideas of a believer you have the freedom to not believe and we have the freedom to believe! I am a military girlfriend and I am not against war but while my boyfriend is fighting for you and this country you best believe I pray to my God for him and his fellow brothers! So if you don’t believe fine all you have to do is not comment on the subject but don’t ever talk down to someone because they believe in God!

        • Rik Martin

          Yes but suggesting doing nothing in an incredibly volatile situation is taking it a bit far. I know people who are Christian too and there answer to you is. But god guides us, he doesn’t do things for us!!

        • JEFF Fafa

          Wow, you really you really use the word “believe” a lot. You must really believe.

        • Morgan Blake Henstrom

          You all belong in a mental hospital. Putting all your belief in one “GOD” to save you from something completely out of our control is technically suicide. So your saying if you jump off a bridge believing that “GOD” will save you that you will just float back up to the point where you jumped, or maybe you survived the fall and ended up in the ICU? Do you really think that if your were hooked up to machines that were keeping you alive while your laying there as a vegetable is truly being saved by “GOD”? What about all the people that have died in a situation like this? Did they just not believe in “GOD” and they died because they were being punished? Did they go to hell because if it? I don’t believe that there is such a place where you can spend an eternity being raped and punished by demons because of one little mistake you made, like swearing or not going to church. In conclusion this is why I don’t believe in “GOD”, and this is why I think it’s foolish to believe in “GOD”.

          • Chandra Yaphang Habubagra

            No one is mental but oversmart.
            Like you don’t know nothing but you know many things.
            Sir listen no one can change the world. Even every individual know that we doing wrong
            Why this is happening??
            Find out it
            Than you will know What is GOD

      • Jessie A Woodin

        As a matter of fact he has, you would know that if you read your bible! God will protect you just have faith and believe that he can and your soul will be saved from eternal damnation.

        • Paradice13

          If you read the bible, as implied…. you know that this current world is in the hands of the devil. When Satan was tossed from the heavens, he told God that he will have a bigger Army of humans than God. God gave him 1000 years to get his army together. That 1000 years is coming to an end…and when it does, God will know his followers. But you must know him by looking into his eyes.
          Job 1:6, Revelation 12:7-9, Rev. 2:13 and Luke 4:5, 6

      • Andy Montoya

        God is not responsible for our screw ups moron we brought this on our selves!!!

    • Kushklan311

      Lol you bible thumpers are so ridiculously stupid. Tell me more how its god that will stop him? Lmao stop believing in fairytales and make believe people and start living in the real world. P.s if your almighty God is real, he’s quite the dick for allowing all the bad things that happen around the world. Its funny when you idiots thank god for curing someone of cancer or living through a horrible crash, but you never say anything about how it was good that allowed it to happen in the first place. Lol try using some logic.

      • John Winsett Jr.

        Maybe if you actually tried praising God instead of bashing him maybe you wouldn’t be so miserable.

        • Usaaf Walton

          Dumb ass my life was miserable even when i did…. Religious people are Morons

          • GibbyD

            Better to be a “moron” in Heaven than a “genius” in hell. “.. repentance toward God and faith toward The LORD Jesus Christ”. That is what will save whosoever believeth. ( Acts 20:21;Acts 16:31; 1John 5:13; 2Corinthians 5:17; John 3:3,16,17; 1Peter 1:23; Philippians 1:6; 1Thessalonians 4:16,17)KJB. ” Even so, COME, LORD Jesus “(Revelation 22:20d)KJB.

          • Leonard Avery

            I see you are versed in the bible…look up above a few comments and answer my questions.

          • Gilbert Davis

            They have been answered many times before. I have answered them so many times plus about a dozen more that I simply refer people to carm dot org . .

          • GrimReaperNZ

            better to be in hell atleast ur not slave to a asshole down there

          • Kenton E Tallman

            Amen, I would rather rule in hell then serve in heaven. Obviously these people forgot that their invisible sky daddy wasn’t always the Sandle wearing hippie they paint him out to be. But no their right let’s all sit around talk to imaginary people and do nothing, doing nothing will achieve nothing. It’s called action through inaction you idiots and that never ends well.

          • GrimReaperNZ

            true right…funny how a none existent entity is going to save only them lol

          • Loretta Coburn

            Your problem is religion, and you are right….Satan rules that too. If you have a relationship with the creator, you can fight the evil in the world. Otherwise, you are doomed to the evil that controls everything here on the earth. Satan was cast to earth, therefore this is his world. You can choose to believe it, or not…personally I wouldn’t want to make a mistake in that area and really..what have you got to lose.

          • Dawn Fidalgo


          • El Rey Sabio

            I say it’s a form of Insanity

        • Noah C.

          I grew up in a baptist household and my father was the most devoted and he abused me and my mother after work almost every day. Im sorry I respect your opinion if you think he’s real but personally I’ve never seen evidence of god or a devil just how people’s mindsets are warped by the modern world and they sometimes need something to cling to so that they can stay sane and normal. It’s the same reason some people use drugs or alcohol or have hobbies etc. I’m not knocking you believing in god more power to you I just don’t think he’s real it’s something ancient civilization created to make life more bearable and entertaining for them by giving them something to trust and believe in.

          • tina0011

            You have not seen evidence of the devil ???? What world do you live in because it sure aint the real one !! You can step outside and see the evidence of the Lord. It sux you were abused by your Baptist father however if he were a true man of the Lord he would not have abused you . Talk is cheap . Just because he said he was does not make it so . His actions say he was a evil man . Man will fail you every time .Put your faith in the Lord and he will be there for you .Man will always always fail you .100% of the time

        • Kushklan311

          Lmao miserable? I have a damn good life and im pretty happy. And guess what? It wasn’t bc of “god” ????????

        • Kushklan311

          Lmao im far from miserable. And why would I praise something that doesn’t nor has ever existed? Lmao you bible thumpers are fucking retarded

          • Liljerry Will

            Yo pussy ass need to be shot for being dumb ass your life fucking fagg

          • Kushklan311

            Ohhhh i see we have another wonderful Christian. You just another ignorant welfare bum, keyboard thug. Come at me bitch.

      • Albert Mejia

        Honesty. Where was he during the holocaust?

        • GrimReaperNZ

          bigger question is where was he when the germans were slaughtering his chosen people

      • Miranda Oleniczak

        God doesn’t allow the bad to happen. If you study the Bible you’d know that! Not everything that happenes in this world is Gods will, the DEVIL is real too!!!! I am a militarily wife and I am not fully against war but while my husband defends you and the rest of this country you can bet I Pray to My God over him and the rest of his airman and our armed forces! It’s okay if you choose not to believe but don’t talk down to someone who does!

        • Volton Durrant

          Well said thank u

        • Amanda Taylor Covington

          Well said and God bless you

        • John Brankovic

          Yay airman!

        • Dawn Fidalgo


        • Kushklan311

          Ill say what i want, when I hope. Respect to your husband and hope he returns home safe, but it won’t be bc of a magical creature in the sky kmao

          • Gemma Hoyte

            One day very soon you unbelieving people will stand before God and be judge for being foolish. You Don’t read the bible so you all are ignorant of the things that are happening. Most of the things God said would happen have already come to pass. We are in the last days.

          • William Osbon

            If I do one day very soon stand before God, then I’ll judge him for not intervening with his “divine power” during the creation of parasites that inbed themselves in childrens corneas and eat through to the cilairy muscle in the back of the eye until that child is blind. From that point on, if the parasite has not been removed yet, it will continue to eat through to the brain, making the child experience one of slowest deaths possible.

          • Paradice13

            The devil is ruling the earth currently. Read your bible and you will learn so. When Satan (who was an angel at one time) was thrown from the heavens along with his followers, he told God that he will gather more humans than God. Free will is given to each one of us… you create your destiny….. Choose who you shall folllow wisely, as everyone single one of us will be held accountable. He and Jesus will be your judge. But know that “Whoever hears my word and believes the One who sent me has everlasting life, and he does not come into judgement but has passed over from death to life,” John 5:24

          • Kushklan311

            Lmao no one will “be standing in front of god” bc there is literally no such thing as magical creatures. What’s ignorant is you idiots living your entire life knowing magic isn’t real but somehow think theres some magical guy living in the clouds. Dumb asses

        • Leonard Avery

          I believe in a creator but not the bible made by man; changed many times by man..One of you bible thumpers answer these questions; Do you agree with slavery and how slaves were treated? Also do you believe in Unicorns cuz both of them are in your fairy tale book. How can we find bones of ppl who lived millions of years before the bible but yet can’t find not one “character” that is in your book?

        • Brody Allen Green

          The devil was hes first angel that fell from heaven. Sooooo evil was his creation and war is his creation too. Dont you remember that angels are heavens soldiers. So shut the fuck up.

          • Ryan Hadfield

            Meh god or no god, talking about it will do nothing, in my opinion America has it coming! All the wars you have caused and the way America has treated the rest of the world, its no wonder you find yourself faced with more enemies than Allies, The UK is constantly dragged in to your bullshit because of NATO, as usual you’ll find the UK cleaning up the mess you’ve made. See how much you like your new president when he’s responsible for sending your arses back to 1800’s, enjoy the industrial revolution….AGAIN!

          • Kushklan311

            Lmao you are a fucking moron

      • aivertot

        See that’s the problem with America, You need to learn to respect people’s beliefs and you need to learn not to oppose everyones opinion.

        • Kushklan311

          ???????????? you’re an idiot.

        • Kushklan311

          Once again, ill say what i want when i want to whom i want. I respect other peoples beliefs, i don’t respect ignorance when people say ridiculous shit like “do nothing, its in gods hands” like seriously? Lmao stop talking hoe

          • aivertot

            Proved my point.. You expressed yourself while trying to shut people on theirs… And stop calling me hoe Im not your mom.

          • Kushklan311

            Oohhhhhh so clever. Kill your self bitch.

      • Terry Campbell

        You are astupid prick and you will be the footstool of your enemy you are educated on these things daily read everything that the bible says are coming true and if you cant take heed then i pray for you life and hope you get some damn sense my godvtour god doesn’t matter god is alfa and omega no matter what you call him.

        • Kushklan311

          Yeah, that’s real Christian like. Lmao go play in traffic.

        • Kushklan311

          Ah another wonderful Christian with his name calling. Its hilarious when you religious douche bags pick and choose when you want to act like you’re Christian. Lmao fucking hilarious.

      • Loretta Coburn

        Satan is the king of the earth, therefore what happens here is because of him. We as believers know this, and pray for protection from the evil that is all around us.

        • Scatamooch

          You Sound Like Trump Blaming Obama

        • Kushklan311

          Stop believing in fairytales

      • Joey Smith

        I would love to show you what bible thumping on your head is about!! my God is really!!! With you I’d take it back to the old Testament!! Let me guess you believe we evolved?

        • Jesse O’Neill

          Let me guess, you believe everything sprung about 6000 years ago, and a whole bunch of stuff was put everywhere just to make it look like the world existed for another 4999994000 or so years?

          And the world is flat, right?

          • Jennalee Marie

            oh the irony ????????
            christians/catholics etc “everyone has a different opinion, dont put us down for believing”

            also christians/catholics etc “you dont believe in my almighty god?! well go fuck yourself you piece of shit”

            you are the worst kind of people. such hypocrites and assholes. you are supposed to accept everyone for who they are. you dont even come close to doing that.

        • Kushklan311

          Lmao dunno where we came from but i do know that there isn’t someone living in the clouds watching every single individual in world with magical powers. Lmao keep believing in your fictional book.

        • Kushklan311

          Ah there’s that stellar Christian like attitude. Hypocritical dumb ass

      • Ghost

        That’s only our fault, not Gods… For people like you is why the earth is like how it is

        • Kushklan311

          People like me? You mean someone that fights for staving and homeless children, someone who has taken at least 25 foster care kids in? Meanwhile what did you precious god do? Didn’t see him at the local shelter feeding the homeless.

      • James Bryant

        God gave us free will. If we decide to destroy ourselves with the gift he gave us why should he stop us. It’ll just prove that we were not worthy of such a gift.

    • GrimReaperNZ

      hell the devils more likely to protect you guys where else he going to get a consistent stream of bigots no offence

    • JEFF Fafa


  • Donald Lax

    They should have been Nuked in the 50’s

  • Rustyangel

    Ironically the trajectory of the first missle they try to launch will end up on that idiots house.#coyoteroadrunner

  • Bill

    The leader of NK is a baby in a mans body. His wa wa and crying modes are just pathetic.

  • Phil E

    anyone that knows their history knows they don’t have a nuke that would reach us from Asia

    • Michael Perry

      Actually with their new missile tests, they have shown they can now reach California. But that’s as far as they can reach.

      • Shawn George

        Dumbass if it can reach California it can reach the rest of the state’s when launched over the pole. Look at your geography and you can see.

        • Thom DuCharme

          Perhaps you meant south of the Bering Strait. Over the pole is a longer path. Quit calling people dumbass.

  • Michael Harwood Jr.

    North Korean isn’t on shit

  • Ronnie Bowers

    What if the single bullet fired happened to be placed in Un’s forehead

    • Red Dog

      THAT is a good plan . . .

  • Michelle Gross

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  • Stephanie Wall

    if trump does some dumb shit. he deserves to be in the city that gets nuked. the sob is messing with our lives now.

    • Reality

      Let me guess you are one of those pansie crybaby democrats

    • Brett Haberly

      you dont even know whats going on in the world, shut up

    • TimW42 .

      Your guy is the one who helped get us here, along with at least two previous administrations. Try again.

      • SomethingThatKillsPeople

        You’re a fucking idiot. Idiot Trump supporters always jump to “Obama this!” And “BUT HILLARY!”

        It’s possible to be a republican and recognize how much of a fucking worthless idiot your Orange Jesus is. Your ENTIRE PARTY hated this idiot fuckwad right up until he was inaugurated. A real republican like McCain would still vocally oppose this idiot.

        • Jessie A Woodin

          Uh, for the record trump is NOT Jesus! And if he gets nuked regardless of what state he’s in it says in the artical the UNITED STATES not one state, not a certain city not the white house , the whole damn country so therefore we are all dead if they nuke us!

        • Richard Hamilton

          Ooh yes John Judas goat McCain who publicly said we need to fund and arm ISIS. He’s a fuck nut too! Trump is the least of the Repubs problems. Either way the Demoshits are domestic terrorists and Repubes are violent war mongering terrorists who spread the American empire. The political system is fucked, two wings one bird.


    It would only take 3 nukes to take out their entire country so UN is not stupid… Dropping a Nuke on us is killing his country but then again he could careless bout his own people

  • Johnie Anthony

    I dont buy this crap everytime something happens in another country everyone says the samething over and over: well everyone it looks like another war. People need to grow up every year now “something” is always going on that “might” trigger another war. I dont see anything happening anytime soon so everyone needs to cool their jets. Smh

  • Anon

    Lol. Nice paid advertisement masquerading as news. How much are toptiergearusa and readynutrition paying you?

  • Gordon Cracknell

    Onion check?

  • Jason N Nicole Skinner

    Not if we nuc them first which should have already been done centuries ago

  • isaac Crabtree

    No one has to believe anything, you have a free choice to do as you wish! It’s clear you have no idea who the Heavenly Father is! One thing for sure is he don’t need your approval or your belief to continue to be the one and only true God! You say show me proof, it’s all around you bud! If you was walking thru a jungle and found a Rolex would you think it grew out of the ground or maybe that someone lost it, why.. Because it’s obsurd to think a sophisticated watch would grow out of the ground, reason would make you realize it was lost or placed by someone! So when you look at the earth and all its wonder how can you come to the human being and then immediately not know that someone placed the human here, he never grew from the ground! He was placed here, same point with the watch! But yet some people who want to live the way they want think it’s only doable if they kill their conscious off! So they reason and grasp at anything that says you can be as disgusting or murderous as you want, no one is keeping track, especially some old man with a long white robe and beard to match! I’m here to be a witness against you,….. One day you will see very clearly and everything we do, good or bad will be put on center stage! So continue to mock God, making statements about how he’s not real and that he’s this terrible entity that gets off on our torment!… God tried and yes he gave us the best possible start we could have but like some humans are known to do,… The select few ruins things for those who try to do right! Last point…. If those who believe are wrong, they will die just like you.. Nothing will happen, but if they are right then you have everything to lose! Let’s just hope their not right! Huh….

  • Anna Filipiak

    Can they just calm down like for real half the people are not happy Trump is President but nukeing the US is honesty stupid! They’ll fuck up the world the radiation from a nuke causes birth defects,cancer and stuff hell if we use nukes half the world if not all of it will die

  • Delta Tangi

    Let’s get something straight here, the world is pending doom…. And people are in the comments talking nonsense? Did you guys read this article? Or is it all a game to everyone? Medicine to protect your thyroid, gas mask, and anti radiation gear? My thoughts are who the hell can afford that??? 90% of the population is expected to die if this catastrophe happens and we are going back and forth about wether God exists or not? We are still living in an age where women can’t get equal pay, homosexuality is still discriminated against on a global level, blacks are still fighting for civil rights and to top it all off the majority of us are living at or beneath the poverty line. You guys need to wake the fuck up!! Cause when this is all said and done the only ones​ that will be around left are the people who can afford the medicine for their thyroids and have a surplus of potable drinking water and emergency food. We are a single race of idiots. Unable to get it together and come together. We are really our own worst enemy. Not N. Korea or Russia or any of this shit you’re reading in the news. People all around the globe can read this shit, including N. Korea. This is message we give them about ourselves.

  • GrimReaperNZ

    damn lol all these usa should nuke them first crap,,,,,NO ONE SHOULD USE NUKES end of story and some figment of your imagination is not going to save you only you can do it but since 90% of you are slaves to entity which may or may not exist…you guys will insure that the next war is fought with sticks and stones that is if there is anyone left alive that is

  • Marcelo Garcia Carrasco

    Idiots just like trump

  • Marcelo Garcia Carrasco

    Idiots just like trump… God can’t help you… thats why we are in this situation… Satan defeated God on the cross… don’t let them brainwash you… bunch of hypocrites

  • john24smith

    Sounds like you paid them to get off your ass…. finesse, basically they used the money to make the nukes ????????‍♂️

  • Jeff Campbell

    So if the bible makes God real. Then hogwarts must be real….I have read the book guys!

  • Nick Argyropoulos

    Why is religion brought in to this? War is never a option for a long-term solution. This American administration is dangerous! The North Coreans are highly inelegant society and at the same time uneducated. Keeping this dictator in power is dangerous as well. There’s no solution to this conflict but only more problems. I believe that if a bullet is fired the world will change, how? No, one person knows! Very unpredictable outcome!

  • SomethingThatKillsPeople

    Quit scaring your fearful idiot followers. North Korea couldn’t hit china with a bottle rocket from inside the country.

  • David Sincavage

    As I read these comments I am feeling ill and completely shocked at how many disbeliever’s there are in Our All Mighty Lord Jesus above. I feel sorry for those whom do not feel nor pray nor have belief in and too a higher power; hence the lashing out at those of us who do. The world is a sad sad place to see so many disbelivers come forth and criticize believers. Remember that just as Our Lords Angels roam this earth, the devil’s disciple’s roam as well – The ongoing battle of Good vs Evil. Which is why are place of life is not perfect but will be one day as Our Lord promises. I will pray for the so many lost souls. Amen, Dottie

  • Lazaro

    I go for trump. He’s been kissing and to Russia but right now desperate measures comes with desperate moments. The US needs to do some ads kissing get Russia to not hate but already help I say we let let Russia go thru with the deal but in one condition to protective and help the US in its dark days. Russia is going back to a Christian life again. And the US is going to a darker side we are light the dead is the dark. It’s just different dimensions and conscious. But if there was no religion. Our technology would be far even better than what we have today. And Moses Jesus Noah where all alien interactions. There our 3 kinds of people on earth we got fooled to believe that there is only one god. No just like the justice league there a group of high power people. But on earth we have the people of Adam and eve and kids of lumberian. The Jew’s are from the future we don’t know where they came from or how they got here. But the people from Mars is who we need to worry about because of the lucerficer affect they have no respect they do whatever they want not caring about the affects on others or feelings. We destroyed Mars it was once a beautiful place like earth but earth got in a war with Mars and we literally blew there atmosphere away. So we couldn’t send them back. This war and crap is a cover up for the discoveries found in the Antarctica how there digging a giant hole where u can’t even fly over. We need to stop fighting come together and figure out the rest of this mysteries that earth has build more prymaids to amp our magnetic or warm earth up to figure out what’s under the ice of Antarctica. If there’s oil then there’s once was life. Humans after millions years of compressing we become oil. Where’s there oil there was life millions of years before that oil was there. Millions. Aliens who lived on earth before humans were created off there own genetic code that’s why we share 50 percent of our DNA with a banana

  • Patrick Belizaire

    American people that term is strictly Caucasian, white supremacy want to be. This policing the world obsession that these old racist politicians carry in their hearts have to stop, this racist political infrastructure fucks and mess with every foreign countries that they see they can steal wealth from, now these piece of shit racist politicians are fucking with North Korea who possess nuclear weapons. Trump need to stop his bullshit, he needs to be impeached for putting human lives in danger of being exposed to nuclear chemicals which can harm people living in America, if north Korea sends nuclear bombs all the politicians have a hiding place to get away from danger but the poor people whose tax money made politicians powerful have no where to hide from chemical danger.america need to leave foreign countries the fuck alone don’t no foreign countries fucks with them or never try to tell them what to do or try to invade to take over so why they feel like they can control foreign countries …these racist politicians don’t care and have no fear because they not the target where they hiding at…if Trump have a problem with a foreign country the two presidents should have a boxing match and whoever wins then policies request shall be respected, but these punk politicians won’t do that

  • Melissa Vienneau Louis Brideau

    Just kill the mother fucker plain and simple trump isnt the one you fucking need for christ sake get ridd of him

  • reticle

    NK isn’t going to nuke anyone. They don’t have a nuke. There won’t be any ‘super emp weapons’ either. NK is a slum.

  • Ralph Priessman

    I’m pretty sure his last name is Kim, not UN.

  • Stacy Rivera

    I have never in my adult life read something in the news that scared me as much as this article. Democrat, Republican, Christian or Agnostic I don’t care who you are or how we got to this moment this is REAL! Nuclear war and the treat of it should scare us all! This article just outline how to servive an attack. Stop arguing about where the bomb might go. This is the time to be United if we can do that we might have a chance. The rest of the world thinks we are a bunch of baboons as it is.

  • Adolfas Čekanavičius

    Yes please. Down with that degenerate muricanian shithole

  • David Pawson

    Given the success of his rocket tests, he would more likely nuke Pyong Yang.