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This State Just Legalized Child Prostitution! Yes, This JUST Happened In The U.S.!


Wow! Just when you thought that liberal leadership in America couldn’t get more insane, we get a story like this, which proves that we were all wrong.

Now, get this. They claim that by legalizing prostitution for children under eighteen, it will make the lives of those who have been human trafficked into the sex industry easier. Yes, you read that correctly. At least the young girls and boys who are having sex for cash to turn over to their human trafficker won’t have to feel like they’re breaking the law while they do it.

Which state are we talking about? Do you really have to ask?

California, of course!

CBS Sacramento has reported that California Governor, Jerry Brown, just signed into law state bill 1322, which decriminalizes sex for pay for minors.

Brown believes that this will only help those who have been caught up in human trafficking. He did not stop to think about all the wayward youth who are going to use this to their full advantage to make some cash on the side, knowing they won’t be prosecuted. Sixteen and seventeen year old drug addicts are going to start hooking like crazy to support their habits, leading further to their demise, and it will add to a spike in pedophilia, as their customer base no doubt will be older, because that’s who has the money, older people.

Can I have my country back? Please?

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