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This Was Bound to Happen When She Went on TV Without Wearing a Bra

bound to happen

Ratings, ratings, and ratings. That’s the three most important things in the television industry, and most networks have figured out how to get those ratings long ago.

Sex, sex, sex!

I couldn’t imagine how hard it would be getting into the media today, on the television side of things, at least, simply based on talent alone. Sure, if you have a pretty face and a nice rack, the talent no doubt helps. But if talent is all you have, and you don’t have the outer shell to go with it, you’re probably a no go. Looks like it’s better to stick to the written word side of media, like blogging. Okay, I guess you just figured out what I look like. LOL!

Check out this hottie in the video below, who is definitely GREAT for her network’s ratings. I don’t know what she says, but I sure like the way she looks when she says it.

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