Friday , June 23 2017
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Truth Bomb Of The Week! Hillary’s 2007 Lesbian Affair!


This week has had to have been a living hell and complete nightmare for the crooked one, Hillary Rodham Clinton. Between all the WikiLeaks bombs, Trump’s popularity going up despite her best efforts to see the opposite happen, and her husband being accused of rape on just about every live news report that’s been aired since Alex Jones put out his “Bill Clinton is a rapist” challenge, Crooked Hillary has not had a single thing go right for her since her last debate with Trump.

Now, Matt Drudge is threatening to drop another truth bomb on Crooked Hillary that’s going to make the rest of the truth bombs that’s hit her look like fire crackers.

The London Times accused Hillary of having a lesbian relationship in 2007. However, they did not name her lover.

Is Drudge about to do that in the coming days?

Stay tuned to find out…


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