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TYRANNY: Michelle Obama Goes Too Far, Bans One of America’s Favorite Cereals

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Just when you thought that Michelle Obama’s school lunch program, in which she has dictated what public school children across the country can and cannot eat, could not get worse, she makes a new move, or mandate, rather, proving that it can.

The Mooch just had yet ANOTHER tyrannical rule passed in regard to the food served to public school children and preschools supported by tax dollars. The new rule states that no cereal that contains more than six grams of sugar per dry ounce can be served to the children attending these schools and daycare centers.

As mandated by The Mooch’s new rule, Lucky Charms, Trix, Cocoa Puffs, Cap’n Crunch and Frosted Flakes will all be outlawed at any school in America that receives Federal aid.

The Mooch thinks she’s a queen, and this is far overstepping the bounds of what any First Lady should be allowed to do. The Mooch and her husband, Hussein Obama, has set out to fundamentally transform America, and with moves like this, they are doing a great job of it. Hussein stated early in his Presidency that he wanted to bring America down to he same level of the rest of the world. This new move by the Mooch brings America down to the level of the former Communist Soviet Union.

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