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URGENT: America’s Economy Just Got the GREATEST News Ever! Thanks Donald Trump!!


Donald Trump has not even taken office yet, and already he’s done more in the few weeks since winning the election than B. Hussein Obama, the first Muslim President in U.S. history has done for America in 8 years.

Staying true to his promises, President-elect Trump has already gotten several companies to scrap their plans of leaving America to head to third world dumps like Mexico and the Philippines, where they can hire uneducated and unskilled third world peasant laborers over Americans and thus save a fortune, yet an action which over the past two generations has been leading America dangerously close to a third world nation due to a lack of income earning ability among the people here at home. Also, such outsourcing has given the rest of the world nothing more than an unappreciative entitlement mentality toward America, causing them to think that the U.S. owes them everything, and that the American people are stupid.

However, even bigger than the fact that President-elect Trump is already getting some of our companies to stay home, is the fact that Janet Yellen, Federal Reserve Chairwoman, had obviously been paying attention to Trump’s speeches and has acted accordingly. During his campaign, Trump accused Yellen of intentionally holding interest rates down for political purposes, which anyone who understands anything about finance would agree with. Only hours ago, perhaps fearing she’d join Crooked Hillary in jail if she didn’t straighten up, Yellen raised interest rates. It was only the second interest rate hike in a decade.

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